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Carney Dye LLC is a law firm providing legal services for individuals and small businesses located in Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding communities. The firm will handle personal and business legal matters with a focus on estate planning, probate administration and business planning. The firm’s primary goal is to provide a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for individuals and businesses to seek important legal advice.

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Tomorrow is a Long Time

I do not often recall much of the advice I received from my father (sorry Dad), but one piece of wisdom continues to resonate. My father would regularly say “never put off until tomorrow what you can get done today.” Dad was usually referring to such tasks as cutting the grass, but his words have a meaningful impact on many areas of my life even today.

There are many uncomfortable or non-urgent things that we routinely “put off” until another day. It might be that certain home improvement project or even that diet you always plan to start. We then find that the days and the years pass and we have not achieved our goals. We will eventually reach a point in the future when we will regret our inaction and we will make a new commitment to do something about it, and then the cycle will begin again.

This phenomenon is particularly common when it comes to non-urgent legal matters, such as writing a Will. Unless a person is seriously ill, the importance of a Will is not front and center. Unfortunately, when an individual realizes they need a Will, it might be too late.

What is a good time to sign a Will? Right now! You can always find a reason to put off this important task, but if you needed a Will tomorrow and did not have one, your family would regret it. At the end of the day, this non-urgent legal task is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Even if you have a Will, it is still important to remember it is a document that should be revisited frequently.

ACTION ITEM: Take a minute and list five important (but non-urgent) items that you would like to accomplish. Set a time limit for each and post the list where you can see it daily. If you do not have a Will, include getting one on your list.

If you have any questions or concerns about legal or financial tasks you should be implementing today, please consult an appropriate professional advisor.

By the way, whenever I would put off cutting the grass (usually to play video games), it would usually rain the next day!

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